Relaxation is important for busy people especially. 

Taking breaks has been shown to improve your ability to make better decisions. Enjoy a short rest to revitalize your mind, body, and soul by exploring our varied services that adapt to all your needs and moods.


The Sunshine Center is based in Sutton, Quebec. Offering you a full experience to relax, heal and recover. This professional service run by Ilia Kavoukis has been established for over 15 years.  Growing a solid sense of trust with clients who always become friends.


Feeling happy is about more than your physical well-being, one must address your mental and spiritual wellness to capitalize on real self-improvement. 


What do we offer at the Sunshine Center?


The Sunshine Center can provide you with a multitude of beneficial services under one roof, including massage therapy specializing in chronic pain treatment. Fitness/dietary advice by a Health & Wellness Coach in our pleasant facility designed to improve your health with a friendly, professional service.


The Sunshine Center offers you a rare opportunity to recharge and relax. 


Optimal performance and recovery needs to be addressed in more ways than one. Stress or chronic pain can be created in many areas and sometimes in ways that are not so transparent. This lack of clarity can often cloud our happiness.


Imagine being able to clear your mind and body from anything that has been troubling you. It would certainly make you less stressed and happier about your life.  


How Can I help you on a personal level?


Each person who contacts the Sunshine Center is treated with respect as to an individual and your needs will be met by expert advice, if you have been advised to seek massage therapy, are in physical pain or stressed from personal problems OR simply curious about any general inquiries, I would be happy to have a chat with you.


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